Humanist Global admires the writing and activism of Leo Igwe, one of Africa's leading humanists. 

Born in Nigeria in the Igbo tribe, Leo recently received his PhD from the University of Bayreuth; his dissertation was on the harmful impact of Witchcraft. He is also a columnist at Modern Ghana where he has written dozens of essays advocating atheism / humanism in Africa. 

Leo Igwe was the Western and Southern African representative to IHEU, the International Humanist and Ethical Union. He has bravely worked to end a variety of human rights violations, including anti-gay hate, sorcery, witchcraft, ritual killing, human sacrifice, “untouchability”, caste discrimination, “child witch” superstition, and anti-blasphemy laws. 

Humanist Global recommends Igwe's book No Gods, No Saviour - his first published collection of essays.