Muju Naeem - Atheist Blogger, refugee from The Maldives


Muju Naeem - Atheist Blogger, refugee from The Maldives


Muju Naeem is an atheist blogger from The Maldives, the Indian Ocean island nation currently besieged by ISIS; it’s described as a “paradise for jihadists.”

Six months ago, Muju’s friend Yameen Rasheed - an activist blogger - was stabbed to death in his apartment by ISIS extremists. 

Following that incident, Muju was targeted with death threats.

He fled the Maldives with his wife, to seek asylum in a secular country. 

They were both recently granted asylum to Canada. 

The podcast “Secular Jihadists from the Middle East” - directed by Yasmine Mohammed, who blogs at Confesstions of an Ex-Muslim - is throwing a “stereotypical Canadian housewarming breakfast" for Muju and his wife - with Bacon and Champagne. (taboo in Islam) 

Want to help? You can purchase $10 of Bacon or Champagne 

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