Teacher Salary at Humanist Schools - 1 Month


Teacher Salary at Humanist Schools - 1 Month


Teachers in rural Uganda receive low wages. This hurts children's education because:

1) teachers leave the profession frequently for better-paying opportunities

2) teachers don't show up at school if they have a day job elsewhere

Your donation will pay for a teacher's salary for a month.

All donors receive a tax deductible receipt, plus a Thank You email or photo from the teachers.

Teachers are paid irregularly, due to school costs and the problem of students often failing to pay tuition. Many teachers leave, in search of more secure work. 

You can select a teacher you want to sponsor HERE  - then email us at humanistglobal@gmail.com and let us know your choice.

PAYPAL OPTION: saves us money and its flexible, you can donate any amount from many nations in the world. 

Just send (with a note) via PayPal to our account at: brighterbrainsinstitute@gmail.com


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