In May 2017, Humanist Global / Brighter Brains Institute decided to launch humanist and humanitarian activities in eastern Kentucky, in the Appalachians.

Is this region poor? Check out the map below:

Does Appalachia need humanism? Yes, especially the churches with snake-handling ceremonies.

Here's two articles illustrating the dire situation in Appalachia.  

           This is what poverty looks like

           White Ghetto

What have we done to assist Appalachia?

1. We contributed to a community garden project in Booneville, the seat of Owsley County (poorest county in the USA)

2. We donated publicity funding to the "Ark Encounter Protest" - an event rejecting the anti-science of the Noah theme park and the nearby Creationist Museum. 

3. Now we're looking for Appalachian teenagers to support as leaders of Secular Clubs at their high schools. We also want to help Appalachian humanist teens, who are homeless. 

You can join us in accomplishing these goals via this DONATE button.